What should I pay attention to when using a gantry grinder?

The structure of the gantry milling machine is mainly based on a gantry, and the combined application of various components ensures that the gantry milling machine can play its due role. In the operation of the gantry milling machine, many situations require attention, ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment.

1. When working early, objects must be fixed with screws or other special tools. When using an ordinary wrench, do not sleeve it on the outside, otherwise the wrench may fall and it may cause harm to people.

2. The cutter of the milling machine must be fixed. If it is loose, it must not be started.

3. Before the operation of the gantry milling machine, it is necessary to carefully check the operation of the transmission parts of the gantry milling machine. At the same time, the baffle of the machine tool must be installed so that it can be officially started.

4. When using the machine to mill various workpieces, especially when roughing, it is necessary to slowly cut the workpiece at the time of starting.

5, to change the table and the position of the knife holder, the first is to release the screw to play a fixed role.

6, in the process of loading and unloading tools, you can use a copper hammer or a mallet to gently beat, to avoid harm to people after the cutter fragments fly out.

7. When using the gantry milling machine for cutting, the speed can not be changed freely, the hand must keep a certain distance from the tool, and the workpiece cannot be measured during this process.

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