What are the specific measures to speed up the construction speed of key routes in the roadway engineering?

1. Comprehensive planning and overall arrangement. In particular, it is necessary to carefully arrange the contents of the process in which the mineral, soil and safety cross influence each other.
2. Pay full attention to the construction of the installation and use permanent equipment as early as possible, which is also very beneficial to improve the construction capacity.
3. Take long-term operations and parallel cross-operations, actively adopt new technologies, new processes, and new equipment to improve the single-entry level of the roadway engineering.
4. Put the key construction teams with high construction level and well-equipped teams on key routes to create conditions for rapid construction.
5. Fully prepare various construction preparations, reduce the time required for construction preparation, and reduce the working hours occupied by auxiliary production.
6. Strengthen the overall balance, do a good job of connecting the processes, solve the weak links; use network technology to do dynamic management, and adjust the progress of various units in a timely manner.

The basic model consists of a Deep Groove Ball Bearing outer ring, an inner ring, a Steel Ball and a group of holding structure into. 6000 series bearings are deep groove ball bearings, inner diameter (D) to 10 mm, outer diameter (D) is 15 mm, thickness (B) for 3 mm.  Deep groove Ball Bearing, widely used in precision instruments, low noise motors, automobiles, motorcycles and general machinery, and other industries, is a broad class of bearing used in machinery industry. Deep groove ball bearings mainly take radial load, and can withstand a certain amount of axial load.

Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6700 Series

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