Talk about the broad concept tires

Tyres are the only parts that contact the ground for cars and are the only bridges to the road. In order to adapt to different environments, the tire manufacturers are also constantly researching and developing, of course, some of the inventions of the invention of a tire opening a brain hole are dazzling. For the tire industry, what are the implications of these concept-filled tires for future cars?

Maxplo Concept Tire

Kumho Tire introduced a concept tire called Maxplo that can change its shape according to different driving environments. It is understood that Maxplo tires can change the environment for different conditions such as mud, snow or water, when the road is relatively dry, Maxplo tires will automatically make the surface smooth and enhance driving speed; and when the road is relatively slippery, it will It will automatically switch over to prevent slipping through a special grooved water guide. When driving on snow or ice, the tire will automatically pop up and increase grip. Not only that, in the course of driving, if the tire deviates from the road, Maxplo tires will increase the contact area to increase the attractiveness. To power the tire's deformation, the inside of this tire is equipped with a hydrogen-powered electric hub motor.

The Maxplo concept tire measures 700 x 700 x 250 mm and weighs 26.4 pounds. Kumho company said that this type of tire will take several years to design and develop, and it cannot be physically assembled on vehicles at present. However, it is certain that the function of automatically altering the surface texture of tires will become a field that many tire manufacturers focus on.

Triple Tube Tire

The Triple Tube tire is a three-balloon tire that was developed by Goodyear and was exhibited for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show. Triple Tube tires are based on traditional tires and have an extra layer of outside package, divided into three separate air chambers. In order to meet the grip under different conditions, the tire built-in air pump can adjust the air pressure of each air chamber in real time. According to different air pressure in each air chamber, three different modes of safety, movement and wetland can be achieved.

In the safe mode, the three air chambers are filled and the air pressure inside the three air chambers is ensured to reach the maximum value, and the rolling resistance of the tire is reduced through the optimized rigidity distribution of the tires, thereby improving the economic performance of the vehicle. In the sport mode, the air pressure on both sides of the tire will be separately reduced according to the direction of the vehicle's cornering, thereby forming a cross section that is the same as the direction of the body tilt, increasing the grip area of ​​the tire and increasing the laterality of the tire. Grip. In the wet state, the pressure in the central air chamber reaches its maximum and the pressure on both sides of the air chamber is reduced, thereby pushing out the special pattern on the center of the tire to achieve greater pattern depth and drainage performance and improving the wet grip performance of the tire. In the event of a puncture, even if multiple airbags leak, the air pump can continue to supply air to ensure that the vehicle can travel at a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour for 80 kilometers.

BH-03 tire

The BH-03 tire is an eco-friendly tire that can realize the energy recovery of the vehicle through an active way. The future is promising in new energy vehicles.

The energy that can be collected by BH-03 mainly includes heat and kinetic energy of tire deformation. When the tire is stopped or running, it generates a lot of heat, which is dissipated in the current car tires, and it is also a loss to the tire. BH-03 concept tires can use the internal structure to allow the tire to absorb heat and convert it into electrical energy storage, providing power support for the electric vehicle, thus providing improvements for the sensitive battery life of the electric vehicle.

In the case of parking, the BH-03 concept tire heat collection device can absorb the ground heat. During the driving process, the heat generated by the heat collecting device's mobile phone and tires and the heat are converted into electric energy by the thermoelectric material to be stored in the vehicle's power battery to provide power for the electric vehicle. When the tire is deformed under pressure, the piezoelectric material converts the kinetic energy in the deformation of the tire into electrical energy that is stored in the vehicle's power battery.

Summary: There are many concept tires, such as magnetic suspension tires, retractable tires, etc. The conceptual tires are still in the conceptualization stage. Based on the current technology and the concept of display, it is still impossible to achieve mass production. Conceptual tires make car tires more technologically pleasing. Perhaps one of these attempts is the direction of future tire development.

Wire Cage Welding and Forming Machine

The Spun Pile cage forming welding machine is a fully automatic professional equipment for producing reinforced steel cage of concrete spun piles. The welding strength of the whole equipment is small, the forming is fast, the structure is reasonable, the maintenance is simple. Combined with modern frequency conversion control and man-machine interface, it is effective to ensure the stable and reliable quality of the steel cage.

PC wire cage welding machine

The technical parameters:





cage welding dia.

ø300 .ø400. ø500. ø600


length of cage welding

7M-15M(special cases is extended to 45M)


The number of longitudinal reinforcement bar

6.7.10 or etc.(according to user's requirement)


Longitudinal reinforcement bar diameter



Ring reinforcement diameter

ø4- ø6



The cage body pitch




Pulling speed



Driving Power




Welding power



Rotational speed of main engine



Welding manner

ERW(electric resistance welding)



Control manner

Automatic control




Technical specification


Welding material

Any steel with a carbon content of less than 0.20%


Loss of solder strength



Tension or shear at the solder joints



Welding transformer cooling mode

wind cooling,self-cooling


welder power supply

380V±5%  50HZ


environment temprature



 Relative humidity



welder weight


Cage Welding And Forming Machine

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