Take a look at the future cool tires

Today Xiao Bian brought you several cool future tire designs. Let's brainstorm together.

Smart tires

Let us talk about the changes brought about by the smart wave of trends. Today, smart tires based on the shape and form of existing tires introduced by manufacturers mainly include three types.

One is the smart tire pressure monitoring that we have described before. This is the simplest and most widely used smart tire. This kind of tire with intelligent tire pressure monitoring can let the owner know the tire pressure condition in real time. The advantage of maintaining a stable tire pressure is that it can ensure the safety of the driver while reducing fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

The intelligence of this additional function, whether it is the direct detection of tire pressure values ​​or indirect detection of the tire speed, still requires consumers to pay attention to the condition of the tire. After the tire pressure is unstable, consumers are required to inflate the tire and check the movement. Balance or repair.

The second is Goodyear's automatic pneumatic tires. Goodyear recently introduced a technology called Air Maintenance Technology, which can automatically inflate tires after a loss of air. Although this technology appeared earlier and it had appeared in 2012, it has not seen the application of actual products in practical applications.

The design principle of this system is very simple. The high-tech components used are just two valves and an internal calibrator. The calibrator will monitor tire pressure at any time. Once the tire pressure is found to be below normal, air will be pumped into the pump air tube. This hose is installed in a specially designed cavity at the edge of the tire.

The advantage of this auto-inflated tire compared with the previous intelligent tire pressure monitoring is that it eliminates the tire replenishment process after the tire is deflated. It saves the owner the trouble of regularly checking the tire pressure, but if it encounters a flat tire leak, etc. After tire damage, this tire does not provide a solution.

Another is Michelin's self-repair tires. At the recent Michelin Bibiden Challenge, Michelin showcased its newly developed “Automatic Rehabilitation” product. It is understood that the main feature of this product is the combination of a unique rubber composite material to quickly fill any tread Loopholes, so that this type of tire can even continue to let the vehicle run.

This self-repairing tire is coated on the inner wall with a layer of rubber that is rich in more than 50% natural rubber. After application, a layer of 3-5mm tire protective coating will be formed on the inner wall of the tire. Once the leakage occurs, this layer of colloid will immediately fill the hole. This is the result of the lack of solutions for self-inflating tires. Of course, if a tire can be equipped with both automatic inflation and self-repair technology, owners will be much more convenient when using tires.

Non-inflatable tire

Pneumatic tires have already abandoned the basic characteristics of existing tires, that is, it does not have to pump, that is, no longer have to worry about tire pressure, punctures and a series of annoying problems. This non-pneumatic tire is about the same as the earliest solid tire. The difference is that in today's non-pneumatic tires, in order to reduce friction, solid tires are hollowed out from different parts of the center, leaving a structure that supports the carcass without deformation. As a result, it also achieved the goal of saving fuel more than solid tires.

Today, Michelin, Bridgestone, and Hankook have introduced concept products for pneumatic tires. In addition to Michelin's new plant in North America, it specializes in the manufacture of MICHELIN TWEEL tyres, which are currently used in commercial vehicles for the “ever tireless” innovation MICHELIN TWEEL. Other manufacturers did not disclose plans for mass production.

From the point that Michelin first applied the pneumatic-free tires to commercial vehicles, some of the parameters of the pneumatic-free tires at the current stage have not reached the level that can be applied to ordinary family vehicles. And this kind of reason still needs to say from the solid tire, the solid tire is an industrial tire suitable for running the vehicle under the condition of low speed, high load and harsh use, its safety, durability, economy, etc. are obviously better than the pneumatic tire, Widely used in a variety of industrial vehicles, military vehicles, construction machinery, port airports, trailers and other fields.

Solid tires have the advantages of high elasticity, strong heat dissipation, good abrasion resistance, better stability, strong grip, and superior grip, resulting in high fuel consumption and very high power requirements. The grip of ordinary household cars on tires does not have the extreme grip requirements of industrial vehicles. At the same time, the road conditions of ordinary family cars are far better than the road conditions encountered by industrial vehicles. Therefore, the characteristics of ordinary family car tires focus on comfort and oil resistance.

The structure of the pneumatically-free tire is basically to dig out the interior of the solid tire in different shapes to maintain the integrity of the tread and the tire structure so as to achieve the purpose of not inflating, but the shape and structure also cause fuel consumption. It is higher than current pneumatic tires. Unless this problem is solved, using pneumatic tires on a family car is still only an imagination.

Future tire

Finally, let's take a look at the opening of the brain hole. Let's take a look at the various future tires that tire manufacturers have introduced. When it comes to tires in the future, Hankook can be said to be a model for excellence. Before the Shanghai Auto Show, four unique concept tires were exhibited. It was learned that this was jointly designed with the theme of “The Road to the Future” in cooperation with the University of Cincinnati, USA. Four future concept tires.

The four concept tires are four kinds of tires: vehicle cornering, vehicle encountering complicated road conditions, providing extreme fuel economy, and providing ultimate comfort. The variable tread tires divide the tire tread into three parts, and can limit tire expansion during cornering. Surface-to-ground contact range enhances grip and provides better handling of the vehicle. The variable-pattern tires are a step closer to this situation, changing the pattern of the tire into independently changeable blocks, adjusting the tire tread to the ground while encountering different terrains, and obtaining as much grip as possible.

The fuel-saving tire model is called emembrane. This tire design has also won many awards for Hankook in the past two years. It can put some of the patterns together to reduce the friction when the road conditions are good. Bringing the ultimate fuel-efficient effect, when you need to control it, put the put away pattern to achieve good control. The last concept tire is relatively sci-fi, that is, magnetic levitation tires, magnetic levitation we all should not be unfamiliar, but the application of a little bit on the tire feels overkill.

However, compared with magnetic suspension tires, Hankook also recently introduced another more sci-fi tire, “Mind Reading Tire”, which claims to provide the driver with a futuristic driving experience of the tires, said to be telepathic, can be passed Brain waves drive the vehicle without the need for basic components such as the engine, brakes, and steering wheel.

However, given that brainwave induction is still a relatively sci-fi concept, the estimation of this telepathic tire has to wait for a long time. However, human progress is due to imagination. It is this imaginative design that makes it possible. Our car life is getting better and better.

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