Hot Plastic Pellets PP/PVC/PE/Pet/ABS/PC Granule Dryer with Big Volume and Big Heat Power

  • Model NO.: dehumidifier
  • Drying: 100~3000kg/Btach
  • Certification: CE
  • Drying Power: 0.25-5.5kw
  • Plastic Pettets: PP/PE/ABS/LDPE etc.
  • Transport Package: Wooden Package.
  • Origin: Jiangsu Province, China
  • Volume: 280~5000L
  • Safety Standard: European
  • Heating Power: 5.5-63kw
  • Motor Power: 1.1-5.5kw
  • Trademark: Longree Technology
  • Specification: CE. ISO

Plastic pellets mixing and drying machine

1.The Plastic Pellets Drying Mixer is mainly applicable to all kinds of plastic particles coloring, mixing, drying process,
2.The machine is simple, easy to use, injection molding machines, extrusion machine, granulator one of the necessary ancillary equipment.


LGD100 LGD200 LGD300 LGD500 LGD1000 LGD3000
Total volume(L) 280 500 720 1200 2400 5000
Capacity(kg/batch) 100 200 300 500 1000 3000
Spindle speed(rpm) 420 360 340 300 280 280
Motor power 1.1 2.2 3 4 4 5.5
Dry motor(kw) 0.25 0.37 0.55 0.55 1.1 5.5
Heating power 5.4 12 15 18 36 63
Temperatur ≤130degree
Time setting 10-60min.

Pillar Mounted Jib Crane is mounted horizontally on the wall and instead of a vertical shaft has a RCC column bracket mounting. The hoist mechanism is similar to the floor mounted type, but without a vertical boom. The RCC column bracket allows a maximum rotation of 180 degrees but covers the area near the bracket mounting without obstruction at floor level.

1. Rated Lifting capacity: 0.5~10t
2. Arm length: 3~7m  (according to user requirement)
3. Lifting Height: No limited (according to user requirement)
4. Power Source: 220V~550V
5. Working Temperature: -25~+40°C
6. Lifting mechanism: Wire rope hoists or chain hoist
7. Slewing Mechanism: Electric motor type or Manual control type(Two kinds type on optional)

Pillar Mounted Jib Crane

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