Energy-saving technology promotion encountered "hidden rules"

This year is the year of the decisive battle to achieve the “Eleventh Five-Year” energy saving and emission reduction target. At present, the rapid rebound of industrial energy consumption has brought tremendous pressure on the completion of the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” energy-saving goals. However, the “hidden rules” existing in these enterprises hinder the promotion of advanced equipment and technologies.

Shandong Weifang Shengjian Group invented SL lubricant anti-wear repair agent for compressors. After adding this kind of repair agent, the compressor cylinder will not wear for a long time, improve the reliability of the valve, piston ring and packing, and has passed the actual production inspection of chemical companies, and the effect is very good. When the inventor Zhou Zhenxian carried the sample to another chemical company in Shandong to promote, the other party obviously did not cooperate, and even reached the opposite test conclusion.

Hefei General Machinery Research Institute is a state-level scientific research institute. Over the past 50 years, it has undertaken and completed various major equipment research projects issued by the state. And they also encountered the same problems in promoting energy-saving emission reduction equipment. The director of the National Compressor Refrigeration Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the hospital, Chen Xiangdong, told CCIN reporters that they helped a fertilizer company in Hebei design and manufacture an energy-saving compressor valve. After many contacts with business operators and introduction of technical features, they were recognized by the company and the results after the trial were quite good. When the personnel of the Institute could leave, the person in the workshop said that the valve was broken and that there was a series of damage that should not have occurred.

After being pointed out by people in the industry, they learned that the application of new technologies has touched the “hidden rules” of some companies and individuals.

A 7M50 nitrogen-hydrogen compressor consumes about 10 tons of compressor oil a year. The cost of accessories such as piston rings, packing, cylinder liners, and pistons also needs 170,000 to 200,000 yuan a year. With the adoption of new technologies, the purchase of lubricants has been reduced, and the consumption of compressor parts has decreased. However, some people have already taken advantage of the “good fortune” that they have acquired in the procurement process. Zhou Zhenxian introduced that the addition of this lubricant anti-wear repair agent can reduce the oil consumption of compressor oil by more than 30%, and spare parts cost can also save 100,000 yuan a year. When the “gray income” of oneself is about to be damaged, the parties will certainly block it. This phenomenon has become a well-known secret. "It is very difficult to break this unspoken rule!" Zhou Zhenxian sighed. "If an energy-saving valve is used, the valve is not only used less, but the supplier has also changed." Chen Xiangdong also said.

It is understood that the power consumption of the compressor in the coal chemical, petrochemical and other industries account for a large proportion of the power consumption, such as nitrogen and hydrogen compressor power consumption accounts for about 70% of the ammonia power consumption. A 7M50 nitrogen-nitrogen compressor costs 38 million yuan a year. Jia Xiaofeng, director of the newly established National Key Laboratory of Compressor Technology, pointed out: “The future direction of energy saving for the compressor is energy saving in the system and energy saving during use. The power saving potential of the compressor is mainly whether the gas valve, piston ring, packing, cooling and lubrication are in The best condition, as well as the leaking of the system's pipe network. If you do not further optimize these areas, it is difficult to tap the potential of saving electricity."

However, due to the existence of "hidden rules", although the introduction of new equipment, new products, and new technologies can reduce costs for enterprises, it is often difficult to introduce them because of the obstruction of the person in charge of production. At the same time, after years of operation, some companies have become accustomed to complementary technologies and products, and are reluctant to replace them. If a problem arises after replacement, it will affect the stability of production. In this way, corporate decision makers are more likely to be influenced by those who have blocked technological renewal.

Other advanced emission reduction technologies for water-saving, energy-saving, solar-saving, and coal-saving have also encountered similar “hidden rules”. "It is very difficult to enter a company! It often takes a long time of 'PR'." Many service providers are so emotional.

According to industry insiders who are engaged in energy conservation and environmental protection services, the key to eliminating “hidden rules” lies in the implementation of refined management and benchmarking. It is necessary to promote sunlight procurement, standardize tendering, and eradicate the existence of "hidden rules." All aspects of procurement should be supervised by the supervisory department. At the same time, companies should regularly revise their own energy-saving emission reduction targets in line with the advanced level in the industry, and decompose the energy consumption target into each production unit, so that each job has the pressure and power to save energy and reduce emissions. Business operators should also pay more attention to energy conservation and emission reduction, and promote the upgrading of equipment and products used by enterprises.

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