Endian developed a hub bearing with built-in sensor

NTN has announced that it has successfully developed the "Drive Wheel Sensor Built-in Wheel Hub Bearing", which is designed to integrate the outer wheel edge of the hub bearing with the speed sensor for the passenger car. This time, the sensor is not fixed to the hinge joint as it is, but it is integrated with the hub bearing, so it is easier to insert, and the operability and reliability are also improved. It plans to go public in 2006 and strive to achieve annual sales of 2 billion yen in 2010.

The original practice is: first, install a pulse ring and a magnetic encoder ring on a rotating wheel such as a constant velocity universal joint outer wheel and a hub bearing inner wheel, and then fix the rotation sensor on the hinge link on the side of the vehicle body. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the distance between the sensor surface and the surface to be inspected (air gap, AirGap), and the processing assembly to fix the sensor on the hinge joint.

The sensor's built-in hub bearing design is designed to have a shape that does not affect the constant velocity joints, and the sensor is placed in a narrow gap between the hinged joint and the constant velocity joint outer wheel. Further, by integrally forming with the annular core metal, a structure for press-fitting the core metal into the outer ring of the hub bearing is formed, and the air gap adjustment and the processing and assembly of the hinge joint are omitted.

Since the sensing surface is constructed by the core gold, it is possible to prevent splashing of stones and foreign matter, and improve the operability and reliability of the sensor.

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