Domestic rubber machinery promotes the development of the domestic tire industry

Rubber machinery is one of the important basic conditions in tire production. In recent years, with the rapid development of the domestic tire industry, the development of rubber machinery in China has been very rapid.

Zhong Jianzhi, a researcher in the chemical industry of China Investment Advisors, pointed out that due to the development of rubber machinery and the development of the tire industry, while the development of rubber machinery is being driven by the tire industry, the development of rubber machinery has also promoted the development of the tire industry.

Due to the rapid development of domestic rubber machinery , in the past, China’s construction of an annual output of 300,000 sets of steel radial tires required equipment investment of up to 600 million yuan, now only about 200 million yuan; in the past, China’s new 1 million sets of semi-steel The radial tire production line requires equipment investment of 250 to 300 million yuan, and now it only needs 100 to 120 million yuan.

Chang Yongzhi believes that the development of rubber machinery can save tire equipment companies a large number of investment in equipment, improve the domestic tire market competitiveness, and help China's tire industry to quickly achieve large-scale production.

Zhang Yanlin, research director of China Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. also pointed out that rubber machinery has been recognized as one of the industries with the best localization in the equipment industry. At present, most tire machinery in China has reached international level in terms of technical content, appearance, internal quality and performance. It provided support and guarantee for the development of China's tire industry.

Feature of Mini Round Hay Baler

1.suitable for compact tractors 18-50HP,only need the PTO.

2.CE certification

3.bale size:500*700mm

4.bale weight:25kgs binding system release system

7.independent hydraulic system

8.bale density adjustable

Function of mini Round Hay Baler

1.the mini round Hay Baler can pick up hay,silage,wheat,rice straw and crumbed corn stalks and compress them into compact bales that are easy to handle,

transport and stores.

2.the mini round hay baler pack the materials into round cylinder shape.

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