China's top-level configuration U-box 60-ton mine trial production successful

Recently, China National Heavy Duty Truck Qingdao Heavy Industry Jinan Branch successfully completed the production of 15 U-Box 60-ton mine trucks. The vehicle is a U-shaped wagon designed and manufactured for the first time by the BW450 high-strength wear-resistant plate of Qingzhuan. It belongs to the light-weight wagon of the top configuration in China.
Compared with conventional ordinary cars, the dump trucks equipped with U-shaped wagons are lighter, more flexible, and more unloaded, which is the development trend of domestic dump trucks. The car is equipped with the domestic leading chassis of China National Heavy Duty Truck 60t HOVA truck. The U-shaped car box is made of BW450 high-strength wear-resistant plate. The bottom plate and the side plate are integrally designed, and are stamped and formed with large-scale professional equipment to resist wear and impact. (This article comes from China National Heavy Duty Truck)
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