10 asked electric car charger charging failure

In fact, if the charger used at the beginning is of good quality, the charger can be used until your electric car breaks. If you don't want to waste money later, you have to prepare for it in the early stage. My recommendation is that several of the products under the high standard are not bad, and many electric vehicle manufacturers are also working with the high standard.

So how to judge the failure of the electric car charger, the following steps are basically the repair personnel will do first, of course, you can also make a little judgment.

Hope: We have to get a charger to first look at the appearance of this charger, to determine the impact of the use of the environment on the charger.

Listen: Pick up the charger and shake it up and down a few times. Listen initially, is there any abnormal noise inside the charger?

Smell: As the name suggests, we use our own nose to sniff, this can play a very important role in quickly determining the size of the charger failure without removing the casing. Of course, this requires some basic common sense, you have to learn to distinguish Different smells.

Q: Communicate with the customer, the charger is broken under what kind of situation.

2 How to judge the electric car charger?

When buying an electric car, be sure to ask what its charger looks like. When purchasing an electric vehicle charger, be sure to choose it carefully. Because the electric vehicle charger is a major event related to property safety and personal safety, you may feel that there is nothing, but if something happens, it will cause some damage to yourself.

The high-standard charger has four advantages that other chargers can't match: smart charging. Safe and reliable. Battery repair. Stable and efficient.

3 How to repair electric car charger?

If you are not a professional, I suggest that you do not repair it yourself. Although an electric car charger does not have much money, the wiring inside is still quite complicated. Once there is an error, it is lighter that affects battery life and is heavier. It is very likely that the short circuit caused an explosion. In fact, I don’t have much money to buy a brand new charger. I just bought a high standard recently and bought it at a discount of 40 yuan.

4 high-standard electric car charger can be universal?

It is best not to use it. The specifications of different electric vehicle batteries are different, even if the batteries produced by different manufacturers are different.

5 How to choose electric car charger?

The electric vehicle battery charger should be used exclusively. Do not replace the charger at will. The charger parameters of different electric vehicle models are basically different. Do not replace the charger when you are not sure. If you have to charge in two places, then it is best to go to the after-sales service department of the electric car brand you bought and ask a professional technician to match a special charger. I discovered it by chance. I bought two electric cars. The brands are all high-standard. I don’t know if it’s accidental or how. I asked the master who repaired the car. He also said that the high standard is mostly.

6 What are the brands of electric car chargers?

I know that it is a high standard, because I use this one myself, and the other one is not clear.

How much is the 7 electric car charger?

It depends on what brand you choose. The good brand is of course expensive, but it is also durable. I bought a high standard myself. In fact, the price of the electric car charger is expensive. Where is the cost of the top 10, but the safety of life has a guarantee, how good.

Where to buy 8 electric car charger?

There are some online purchases. Some factories hang on to produce a certain brand of electric car chargers. In fact, many quality are not guaranteed. Generally, the charger and battery parameters can be matched, but you need to buy a charger with good quality! The high-standard charger is very good.

9 What are the needs of the electric car charger during use?

Charging the battery of an electric vehicle generally requires charging at a battery discharge depth of 50%-70%. It is best to charge the battery every day. In addition, it is best not to charge the battery in a cold and overheated environment, which will affect the battery activity and reduce the service life. I bought one of my own B2C malls, which is very good!

10 What electric car charger is good?

I have used the high standard, you can buy it and buy it.

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